Sound of Shamisen-It plays Japanese landscapes


Singing emotions by old Japanese words

Welcome to the "sound experience of WABI-SABI"
by Yamada Hakumai's song and shamisen.


Shamisen playing and singing-you can feel enrich Japanese space

Shamisen can describe Japanese elements with a gorgeous and moist tone. It will be good for showing your hospitality to any guests. Hakumai can perform for students, individuals, companies, at events for foreigners, gardens, temples and so on.


Shamisen class-It blooms your Japanese feelings

Even beginners can play quickly! You can feel WABI-SABI and practice to enrich Japanese sensibility in our classes. We have Hands-on classes from 1000 yen for 20 minutes.


Sound source production-Making the landscapes sounds

We will design the best sound source for Japanese landscapes with WABI-SABI, or your image.

Japanese Sound Experience Designer

Yamada Hakumai

Shamisen song musician Yamada Hakumai was born in 1982, Tokyo. Now lives in Kyoto.
In 2002, started playing nagauta (BGM for Kabuki, kind of J-POP in the Edo period) in a university circle. After graduating, became a nagauta player and performed at Kabukiza, National Theater, Minamiza, Shochikuza, National Bunraku Theater, Gokagai Kaburenjo, etc.
Was independent in 2014. Performing solo performances while working for customer support at an IT company. In 2019, released the original album “Konjaku Oto Fukei (Sound of landscapes~now and in the past~” (currently available).
From 2020, started to perform, classes, and sound source production mainly in Kyoto. As an artist who learns from the past, performs in a wide range of genres and is well received by many generations.

Promotional Video

Introduction video (1 minute) / "Iroha Uta" (excerpt version)

Introduction video (3 minute) / "Iroha Uta" (complete version)

Kyoto music

「The sounds I used to be」

This is the first original album by Yamada Hakumai, Shamisen song musician. The cozy atmosphere of Kyoto, and "WA" that is living there, are described with shamisen songs and a piano. New arrangements of old songs are also included. A total of 8 songs that express "Wa" with a modern sense based on the classics.

2200 yen.

You can listen on
Spotify / AppleMusic / AmazonMusic / YouTubeMusic etc.

Please enjoy the enriched Japanese landscapes that have WABI-SABI by my sound.