Japanese Sound Experience Designer

Was born in 1982, Tokyo. Now lives in Kyoto.
In 2002, studied performing arts centered on physical expression at Kyoto Art and Design University and started playing nagauta (BGM for Kabuki, kind of J-POP in the Edo period) in a university circle. From 2007, became a nagauta player and performed at Kabukiza, National Theater, Minamiza, Shochikuza, National Bunraku Theater, Gokagai Kaburenjo, etc.
In 2014, started solo performances as Yamada Hakumai. Now playing, creating, and giving lessons to feel WABI-SABI.
Playing shamisen and singing not only classical nagauta but also Japanese old songs,children’s songs and original songs.
In the singing and shamisen class, we have lessons to enrich the Japanese sensibility.
@Kyoto Higashiyama Sanjo class + online class A member of the Japanese sound space design group “Suisen”. On May 2019, released the original album “Konjaku Oto Fukei (Sound of landscapes~now and in the past~” (currently available). CDs are on sale and can be played on each music distribution service.


From 2007 to 2014 performed as a singer of nagauta at Japanese dance parties and kabuki performances. At the National Bunraku Theater, Kaburenjo, Kabukiza, Minamiza, Shochikuza, etc.
March 2016 Participated in the Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival
April 2016 Hanamatsuri dedication at Uzumasa Koryu-ji Temple
June 2017 performed in a traditional performing arts event at the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villa
2018〜 Regular performance at Nishigamo Day Care Facility
March 2019 performed in Kansai Electric Power Support Project, Autonomous Driving Mobility “iino” Demonstration Experiment Performance
May 2019 released the first album “Konjaku Oto Fukei”
November 2019 Dedicated to Nyuhozan Saihoji Rensei-ki
September 2020 Participated in Pelem Festival (Indonesia International Dance Festival)
October 2020 Reimei Shrine Ennichi Dedication
2021~ Dedication to Manzoku Inari Shrine New Year’s Day Festival
April 2021 Kyoto City Support Project “Shamisen Gohan” in Le Nature (Restaurant)
October 2021 Participation in ROHM Theater’s “Okazaki World Music Festival”/in charge of the overall workshop
November 2021 Kyoto Environment Festival theme song cover (shamisen song ver) video work
December 2021 performed at “TradArt Complex”, a collaboration event of traditional crafts and performing arts in ROHM Theater Kyoto

Kyoto music

「The sounds I used to be」

Released on May 30, 2019

Sound of landscape is writing about KYOTO
Kamogawa delta, Shimogamo shrine “Tadasu no mori”, Kyo kaiseki “Takeshigero”
playing with spirits that live in landscapes in Kyoto

Swaying chords and beautiful Japanese words
Shamisen song and piano are singing
A New Session You’ve never heard

This is the first original album by Yamada Hakumai, Shamisen song musician. The cozy atmosphere of Kyoto, and “WA” that is living there, are described with shamisen songs and a piano. New arrangements of old songs are also included. A total of 8 songs that express “Wa” with a modern sense based on the classics.

2200 yen.

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